Super Foods: Facts & Myths

Super Food Myths
Myths Super Foods

How super are the superfoods?

Did they really have the healing properties of some diseases or those claims are just a hoax? Is there any scientific truth behind the same? Unknowingly we all are the victims of the false claims and incorrect facts. The term superfood is a total fictitious word emerges in the modern-day. Therefore, these are the food with assumed health benefits. These foods contain certain specific vitamin, mineral, antioxidants and other essential nutrients above the normal quantity.

These foods claim to have the supernatural power of healing many kinds of diseases or also claims as to the sole way to live a better and healthy life is to include these foods in the daily diet. People today follow blindly these foods and take above an average quantity and keeps themselves in an illusion that these saves them and helps them to stay more fit.

These articles are mainly emphasized on how super the superfoods if they are superfoods then what are the main ingredients present in them that makes them so special or premium than that of other foods. And what are the side effects if we consume them in excess and what are the conditions, which does not allow at all-consuming them.
It’s, therefore, become very important to go through each and every scientific fact before using something on a daily basis that how fruitful they actually are.

Healthy Diet versus superfoods

As we are all aware that a healthy diet is a must to live a good life. A healthy balanced diet is a combination of many foods with various properties. A healthy complete diet fulfills the basic essential need of a body. It is the combination of all vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc in a specific portion required according to body type and gender.
Before eating anything specific for a specific problem we should understand the basic science behind that food. Whatever the component, which is good for health, we should understand their overdose and underdose before taking them. So before jumping to any conclusion lets just read the basic of each so call food components and their activities.

Top Superfoods are

  1. Mushrooms 
  2. Pinto Beans
  3. Moringa
  4. Flaxseed
  5. Asparagus
  6. Fenugreek
  7. Ginger
  8. Cumin seeds
  9. Portobello mushrooms
  10. Shitake mushrooms
  11. Cocoa beans



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