What to pack when you are going to have baby

Pregnancy is one of the most important parts of a woman’s life. It is a journey with lots of mixed feeling. The feeling of joy, worries, responsibility and some time sadness also that how we can revert back to our normal life or life will never going to be the same. But overall it a unique experience and at the end it always feel so good and special when we have a cute little baby in our arms.

In this article, I am going to write what to pack and what not for the hospital during delivery. Although most of the hospitals provide 60% of the things that we require before and after delivery.

  1. Wear a comfortable dark printed color dress when getting ready for the hospital (This is when the delivery is planned).
  2. Wear slippers or anything which is flat so that you can put on and off easily.
  3. Do not wear any jewelry as they are going to remove during the labor or in the operation theater for C-section.
  4. Do not put nail paints if you are planning for a C-section.

What to pack in a bag for the hospital

  1. A cosmetic bag or pouch with a comb, cream, headbands, lip moisturizers, hand sanitizers, toiletries small and lighter versions.
  2. Important documents (hospital and pregnancy-related and identity proofs).
  3. Cash and change for buying food or snacks items.
  4. Four sets of simple long frock maxi dress preferably dark (If hospital do not provide)
  5. Maternity pads  (Although hospitals provide but still we should have in case of emergency)
  6. A nice loose fitted dress for homecoming which is needed during discharge.
  7. Baby cloth (Preferably onesies)
  8. Baby blanket
  9. Baby diapers
  10. Diaper rash cream
  11. Baby sweater
  12. Towel and hand towel (one or two set)
  13. Socks for mother (two sets)
  14. Glucose and biscuit (If the hospital allows food items)
  15. Mobile charger
  16. Breast pads and nursing bra
  17. Bending straws and disposable cups (for sipping liquids during labor or after delivery)
  18. Car seat
  19. Undergarments(Loose and comfortable disposable panties)
  20. Extra bag for packing extra items after discharge like gifts from relatives and hospital
  21. Baby thermometer to check the temperature of the newborn
  22. A spoon (silicon tip) ceramic bowl or feeding bottle in case breastfeeding is not possible.

Partners bag

  1. Two sets of comfortable clothing for the night.
  2. Mobile chargers
  3. Towel
  4. Toiletries
  5. Snacks
  6. Pen for filling forms in hospitals
  7. Flip flops

Note: It will be better before packing bag enquire from the hospital about the things they are going to provide before and after delivery and the things which are not allowed to bring in the hospital.


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