7 simple lifestyle habits to deal with acne and herbal cure


Simple lifestyle habits to deal with acne and herbal cure  

A wide variety of face packs, creams, and other anti-acne cosmetics are available in the market. I personally used many expensive face packs during my teenage time for pimples and tried them for months. But these face packs are effective for a certain period of time then either our skin gets immune or it gets allergic to these products.

Acne is one of the most challenging things a teenager can face. It not only affects the way we look but also takes a lot bigger toll on our confidence. After visiting so many dermatologists and over the course of time I gradually learn the cause of this acne and how to get healthy glowing acne-free skin.

Acne: Root cause

For those who have acne, I am quite sure to have already searched what and why this happens. Acne happens when hair follicles of the face get clogged with oil or dead skin. Acne can be classified into wide variety like blackheads, whiteheads, small, large, and painful pimples with or without pus.

There are several reasons which lead to acne-like family history, skin type (oily), hormones, and bacteria.

We simply can not stop acne completely but we can accept a healthy lifestyle and try to eradicate the root cause of its growth and spread.

1. Drink as much water as you can

Hydrating your body helps in flushing out the maximum bad stuff. One full glass of water daily in the morning before breakfast is helpful if done regularly. It does not help you feel fresh and energetic but also helps in weight reduction. Simply add lemon or gooseberry juice to the water. Drinking lukewarm water helps in clearing the motions and thus indirectly helps in reducing the acne problem.

2. Use natural skincare products

Millions of people suffer from acne, and the search for a cure can often feel like a never-ending battle. However, there are a number of natural ingredients that have been shown to be effective in treating acne. Shea butter is a popular option for treating acne. This natural ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it helps to soothe the skin and promote healing. Finally, camomille is often used as an acne treatment due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Make your life stress free

Yes, I know it is very easy to say that make yourself stress-free by drinking this or eating that. But actually dealing with stress is the most difficult task, sometimes I even feel like that stress is an integrated part of our life. With different stages of life, we have to deal with different types of stress and this stress is like a slow poison which is engulfing everything our relationships, our performance on the job, and our duties towards the family. My simple way to deal with stress is just to think whenever you feel stressed that how worse it can happen and does this issue or stress is more important than life or our relations with our loved one. Or simply remember a simple line from Gita (Hindu mythological book) that “This will also pass”.

4. Hormonal imbalance

If following the above two you are still having pimple or acne problems then sure you have to visit a doctor. In my case, I had acne because I was having PCOD problem which was again because of stress. I think I skipped the stress-free part to follow and therefore my pimple gets worse. Although with proper medication it will hardly take 6 months to heal completely yes after that we have to follow the above two steps regularly.

5. Greasy cosmetics

Of course, those having pimples or acne know it very clearly that greasy oil-based cosmetics should be strictly avoided as it clogs the pores of the skin.

6. Stop the habit of touching your face

Yes, it is also very effective to stop the further spreading of acne. Touching the face with dirty (Greasy and oily) hands and scratching the pimples and acne will make the skin more prone to pimples and acne.

7. Healthy diet

Should follow a proper and healthy diet. Chocolates are definitely one of the main causes to accelerate the pimples in my case. Drinking less water also adds up to the cause of acne.

Herbal Ayurvedic Face pack for Acne

Herbal products are simple yet complicated in their actions. The main thing about herbal products is that you can prepare them by yourself and are free from any kind of side effects.

The best way to use herbs on the skin is in the form of face packs. Herbal powders are mixed with various liquids and applied. The main precaution is only to avoid using soaps or any other chemical products after removing the face pack. Facepack for acne is prepared by following ingredients

  1. Sandalwood paste (Santalum album)
  2. Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)
  3. Arjun bark (Terminalia arjuna)

Mix all these in equal amounts and apply this face pack during the night for 3 to 10 mins and washed it with plain water.