Moringa (The Miracle Tree): Health Benefits & Nutritional Compostition

Moringa health benefits
Moringa health benefits


Moringa(Moringa oleifera) also known as drumstick tree or horseradish tree is a native of India and it grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It is also known as a miracle tree and moringa health benefits major health benefits are due to a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals mainly vitamin C and Calcium and vitamin E.

Moringa oleifera tree can withstand extreme conditions of drought and also frost which makes it more favorable to cultivate all around the world. Each and every part of the tree is extremely useful and beneficial therefore it’s helpful in almost every kind of health problem.

Moringa Nutritional Composition

  • Amino acids – t’s the building block of proteins and the human body is 21% protein.
  • Vitamin A (Retinol) – Anti-oxidant, good for vision, Skin & mental health.
  • Vitamin B (B-Complex) Also known as Vitamin B-Complex its combination of 8 vitamins ( B1, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12), it helps in forming red blood cells and supports processes through which the body converts food into energy. It’s fat Soluble
  • Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) known as ascorbic acid, it helps in the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, strengthens the immune system, maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol (D3), Ergocalciferol (D2)) regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, strengthens the immune system, maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin E – anti-oxidant, repairs hair and skin, prevents cell damage, and helpful in treating fatty liver.
  • Minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron etc) benefits on health are multifold on a top-level helps in improving immune, fertility in the body, body functions (Metabolism), heart and bones.
  • Flavonoids responsible for the colors that you see in the food items, it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also refer to my research paper
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body and
  • Beta-carotene It’s a precursor to Vitamin A and the body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

8 amazing health benefits of Moringa

1. Moringa is a good source of Calcium – Better than milk

Calcium is one of the most important minerals and it’s required for normal growth and proper bone development. Moringa leaves are rich in calcium and in a study done in 2015 it was found that 100g of moringa leaf provides 764 mg calcium in comparison to whole milk which only provides 121 mg of calcium (3).

2. Moringa is an excellent source of Iron

Helps in curing anemia which affects women more than men. Women with pregnancy and women with heavy menstrual period are the major victim of anemia. Moringa leaves are rich in iron and as per research per 1000 mg of moringa leaf contains 28 mg iron which is more than beef as it contains only 2 mg iron (1).

3. Moringa is rich in zinc

Zinc is one of the important minerals required for normal growth. A deficiency of zinc causes problems associated with ill mental health, hair loss, low potency in male, and poor immune systems. Moringa leaves are therefore become an excellent source of zinc supplement as it contains 25-30 mg Zinc per kg.

4. Moringa contains high amounts of Potassium

Another important mineral which moringa have is potassium. Low potassium causes weakness, diarrhea sweating. Dry leaves of moringa contains 1236 mg potassium per 100g.

5. Moringa is rich in vitamin C

Moringa is also rich in vitamin C. Per 100 g of leaves contains 6.80mg (3) vitamin. Vitamin C is important as it strengthen the immune system, acts against cardiovascular disease and prenatal birth problems.

6. Moringa is rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important source for proper bone development and reproduction and vision (3). Moringa leaves are rich in Vitamin A, 100 g of dry leaves of moringa contains around 6.8 mg Vitamin A.

7. Moringa health benefit – helps in improving immunity

Vitamin E is important for healthy skin, eyes, and strengthening the natural defense of the body and improving immunity (5). Moringa is also rich in vitamin E, in studies done showed that 100 g fresh leaves have 448 mg of vitamin E (1).

8. Moringa health benefit  it’s rich dietary Folate

Moringa is rich in natural folate. Folate plays an essential role in proper brain, heart and spine development in newborns. Therefore folate rich diet is strongly recommended during pregnancy for proper development of the baby (4).

How to Consume Moringa?

Moringa Benefits
Moringa Benefits

1. Moringa Leaves

Leaves of Moringa are a rich source of vitamin A (beta-carotene), B (folic acid, pyridoxine, and nicotinic acid), C, D, and E. Rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc, and flavonoids, reducing sugars and anticancer compounds. Along with high minerals and vitamins, the leaves are also low in calories (1).

2. Moringa Pods

Moringa pods are also very rich in nutrients and other compounds, Studies (1) shows that pods are rich in fibers and various types of amino acids and proteins.

3. Moringa Flowers

Moringa flowers are also rich in minerals like calcium and potassium, flavonoids, proteins and amino acids like glutamine, arginine and aspartic acids (2).

Moringa Tea Health Benefits 

Moringa tea health benefits and side effects
Moringa Tea Health Benefits

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