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Heart attack vs cardiac arrest

Heart attack vs cardiac arrest: Symptoms and differences

Introduction The heart is an important organ of all the organs in the human body. Without a heart, life is not possible. The human...
Hedge cactus

Hedge cactus: care and propagation

  Know in one minute about hedge cactus Hedge cactus is an attractive, tender, straight, multi-stemmed cactus. Easy to maintain for beginners.  Well-drained sandy soil...
String of pearls

The string of pearls: Care and propagation

  Know in one minute about the string of pearls plant The string of pearls  is beautiful, creeping, flowering succulent, and famous for its pea...
Jade plant benefits

Incredible benefits of growing jade plant in Indoors

  Know in one minute about Jade plant Jade plant is easy to grow and maintain and is a perennial plant.  This plant is a...
Cactus or cacti

Cactus or cacti : Types and how to take care

Know in one minute about cactus care Cacti are easy to grow and low-maintenance plants. Cactus comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some...

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