Kalanchoe pinnata health benefits


Kalanchoe pinnata is a succulent flowering plant and belongs to the Family Crassulaceae. this plant is not only a popular houseplant but also is well known for its medicinal value. The Kalanchoe pinnata medicinal use is described in the following content.

What makes the plant Kalanchoe pinnata medicinally so important?

This plant is rich in many secondary metabolites like alkaloids, triterpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, sterols, and lipids. There is a special group of chemicals in the leaves known as bufadienolides.

What are bufadienolides and what it does?

The compound bufadienolides are isolated from Kalanchoe pinnata including bryophillin A and C.

This bryophillin A has a strong anti-tumor-promoting activity. Whereas bryophillin C showed insecticidal activity.

Bufadienolides are very similar in structure and activity to cardiac glycosides like digoxin and digitoxin. These drugs are used clinically for the treatment of congestive heart failure and related conditions (2).

Kalanchoe pinnata health benefits

Kalanchoe pinnata health benefits are mainly due to the components present in the plant like bufadienolides including bryophillin A and C. Main health benefits of kalanchoe pinnata are anti-diabetic, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory.

Kalanchoe pinnata plant

1. Antibacterial property

The leaf and its juice are used as an antibacterial for many bacteria like E. coli, Bacillus, etc.

2. Anti-insecticidal

Because of the chemical bryophillin C, his plant shows strong insecticidal activities.

3. Anti-allergic

Traditionally this plant juice is used for upper respiratory conditions and cough. Research showed that the juice of the leaves of the plant Kalanchoe pinnata can protect against chemically induced anaphylactic reactions by blocking the histamine receptors in the lungs (2).

4. anti-inflammatory

The extract of the plant Kalanchoe pinnata can help in reducing fever and inflammation. It also helps in relaxing the muscles and relieving the pain.

5. Anti-diabetic

Research indicates that the water extract of this plant shows a reduction in the blood glucose level LDL level and also an increase in HDL level (3).

Traditional uses of Kalanchoe pinnata

  • Leaves are applied on wounds, bruises, swelling, and insect bites.
  • the extract of leaves is taken empty stomach for the treatment of urinary bladder stones.
  • The leaf juice is used against cough and dysentery.
  • Leaves are also used to treat constipation and piles.
  • Urinary disorders and menstrual disorders can also be treated by using the leaf extract of Kalanchoe pinnata (4).
  • In the Bahamas, the plant is mostly used for asthma or shortness of breath (5).