Pink oyster mushroom benefits

Pink oyster mushroom benefits


Have you ever tasted the pink mushroom? If not then try. The Pink Oyster mushroom scientific name is Pleurotus djamor var. roseus. Like other oyster mushrooms, these mushrooms are also well known for their protein source and antioxidant properties. The good thing about mushrooms is that it is rich in protein and the content is also well balanced. That is the protein content of mushrooms is not too high and not too low. We can understand this by comparing the protein content of vegetables and milk or meat. The protein content is four times more than orange, twice that of vegetables, and higher than wheat, but less than meats and milk (1).

Pink oyster mushrooms are commonly called roseus mushrooms and pink salmon oysters because of their pink sporophore, large-sized fruitbodies, and delicious flavor (2).

Now let us check the total nutrient content in the Pink oyster mushrooms (1).


Nutrient elements

Weight of content

1. Protein 31-33 g/100g
2. Carbohydrate 46-48 g/100g
3. Fat 1.63-1.72 g/100g
4. Fiber 8-14 g/100g
5. Thiamine 0.98-1.18 mg/100g
6. Riboflavin 1.26-2.82 mg/100g
7. Pyridoxine 2.6-3.55 mg/100g


Besides this other essential and non-essential content in the Pink Oyster mushroom are iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Health benefits of Pink Oyster mushroom

1. Antioxidant properties of pink oyster mushrooms

Many research papers supported the antioxidant properties of pink oyster mushrooms (2 & 3). Hence this mushroom may be used as an alternative to natural antioxidant supplements and helps balance the nutritive compositional helps in protecting the human body against oxidative stress (2).

2. May regulate the blood sugar level

Although there is no direct research on the effect of pink oyster mushrooms on blood sugar levels. However, the oyster mushroom family helps in regulating the blood sugar level (4). Studies suggest that the intake of oyster mushrooms helps in fasting glucose metabolism and lipids metabolism and also reduces blood pressure.

3. May strengthens the immune system

Studies suggested that pink oyster mushrooms help in the stimulation of neutrophil functions. Neutrophil cells are responsible for strengthening the immunity of the body (5). Therefore, it has the potential to enhance the immune activity of the body.

4. High source of fiber

The pink oyster mushroom contains a high source of fiber which is 14.60% (6). Fiber is very important for normalizing bowel movement, and lowering cholesterol levels, and are also good for the liver.

4. Good source of protein

Pink oyster mushrooms are rich in protein content. 100 grams of mushroom contains around 31 grams of protein. Not only this the pink oyster mushrooms are also very good in taste and the recipes are also very easy.

5. Good in taste

This mushroom may be one of the few mushrooms that are so good in taste. The texture of the mushroom is good and chewy and taste meaty and seafood type. Cooking this mushroom is also very easy. Can be chopped into pieces and simply saute or fried until it turns crispy. It also resembles bacon or ham.

Side effects of pink oyster mushrooms

  1. Please check the packet for expiry or the freshness of the mushroom before buying it.
  2. Some people have an allergy to mushrooms, therefore, they should avoid eating mushrooms.
  3. Consuming in excess may upset the stomach as these mushrooms are very high in protein hence taken in moderation.