Pollution: how can we contribute to making the environment better?

Healthy living and healthy food can be controlled by personal choices of an individual. But healthy air is both personal and as well as a social duty.Whatever healthy food we eat and whatever healthy exercise we do will all go in vain if we do not
maintain the clean environment.Now the question arises that how we maintain a clean environment? Is it our only duty?  What change can we make at a grass root level?
For all these questions yes I know that certain things are not in our hands but I do also know that
small changes in our lifestyle can make a big difference in future. These changes not only make you
feel good about yourself but also sets a good example to others and encourages others to do the same.

Top 10 Personal contributions for making improving environment around us

1. Stop using polythene: Use reusable bags whenever you go to markets.
Buy funky jute bags which also aids to your fashion sense as well as helps in making the
environment polythene free.
2. Stop using disposable cups and glasses: For coffee and tea in the office, you can use your own
ceramic coffee mugs and cups. You can realize at the end of the month that how many
disposables you save from discarding into your mother earth.
3. Switch off the lights and other appliance: When not required switch off lights and fans, air
conditioners, heaters, televisions, chargers etc. By saving electricity you save the earth from
getting heated up by greenhouse gases although the amount will be very less still it is an
amount to add or to gift to your mother earth.
4. Carpool: Give someone lift or share your rides with your friends and other colleagues this
will not only save the fuel but also gives you the opportunity to interact with other people and
also strengthens your social connection.
5. Use stairs instead of lift, prefer walking to go to your nearer markets and other places.
6. Gift someone beautiful plants instead of bouquets: Plants will live for a longer time it will also
remind you of the person.
7. Indoor and outdoor planting: Plants are the gift to yourself and to the environment. It
soothes your home and garden. Instead of using artificial home decor items you can always
decorate your room or home with beautiful indoor plants. These are not only cost-effective
but also gives you a positive vibe to your surroundings.
8. Conserve water: Try not to waste too much water. You can bath under shower or best with
bucket and mugs instead of bathtubs.
9. Do not waste food: Eat as per your appetite. It is OK to eat slightly less than that to stuffing
yourself beyond your level or just wasting the food. Always remember before wasting food
that this may be not important for you but the food is very precious for poor countries and many
children’s who are suffering from malnutrition. Conserving or not wasting food is also one of
the noble ways to save the mother earth.
10.Waste Disposal:  Do not dump your waste randomly anywhere, use proper dustbins to dump garbage. Proper
disposal of garbage also helps in maintaining the clean environment. Segregate wet and Dry garbage and ask your housing society to collect wet and Dry garbage separately.

These are very simple things which add your contribution to the environment. Just 10 simple things
which contributes towards a better life and towards a better earth.


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