Abroma augusta health benefits and side effects


Abroma augusta of Sterculaceae family is a small tree that grows mostly in hotter and drier regions mainly in India and other parts of Asia. Other names of Abroma augusta is Devils cotton, Cotton abroma. Its flowers are deep red in color and their shapes resemble the nail of the lion. Abroma augusta health benefits are it has anti-diabetic properties. As we all know that traditional herbal system is nowadays attracting a lot of attention in the fields of alternative and supplemental medicines.

Traditional medicines are still the main source for the treatment of many diseases in developing countries of Asia and Africa. Some of the main benefits of Abroma augusta benefits are used mainly for regularising the menstrual cycle. The roots and leaves extracts possess the capacity to treat fertility and menstrual-related issues. It is also used for the treatment of diabetes. The fresh or dry bark can be used as a urine tonic. For the treatment of dysentery and diarrhea, fresh leaves can be consumed as juice. Leaves are also used as a remedy for diabetes, inflammation, rheumatic pain of joints, uterine disorders, and headache (1).

Some of the main compounds present in Abroma augusta

Alkaloids, steroids, triterpenes, flavonoids, megastigmanes, and phenylethanoid glycosides are the main compounds present in the plant Abroma augusta (2).

Abroma augusta health benefits

1. Treats irregular menstruation

The plant is useful in correcting the irregular menstrual cycle. Mother tincture materia medica (3) recommends this plant to normalize the cycle, especially after cessation.

2. As an antifertility agent

Abroma augusta has highly possessed in gynecological disorders. It regulates the menstrual flow and is also used as an abortifacient and anti-fertility agent. Powdered roots act as an abortifacient and anti-fertility agent.

3. Antidiabetic properties of Abroma augusta

Different parts of these plant-like roots, leaves and barks are used for the treatment of diabetes. Animal studies suggest that the extracts of abroma act effectively in alloxan-induced diabetic rats due to their hypoglycemic properties (4).

4. Insecticidal activity of Abroma augusta

It has insecticidal activity against sitophylus oxyzae, Trogoderma granarum, Tribolium castaneum, and Sitophylus oxyae (5).

5. Other health benefits of Abroma augusta

Along with the above benefits of Aroma augusta is it possess anti-inflammatory activity, it also helps in the fast healing of wounds. The oil of the seeds of Abroma augusta possesses anti-fungal and antibacterial activities.

Side effects of Abroma augusta

1. Overdose is harmful

Medical consultation is important before consuming any of the parts of this plant. as an overdose may cause many lethal side effects.


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