Enoki mushrooms side effects

Enoki mushrooms side effects


Enoki mushrooms scientific name is Flammulina velutipes belongs to the family Physalacriaceae. This mushroom is mainly popular because of its yummy taste and therefore its world production is very high and stands 4th in terms of production and consumption. Enoki mushrooms’ side effects and their health benefits are as follows.

These mushrooms are not only good in taste but also possess myriad health benefits. These health benefits are mainly due to the presence of compounds ╬▓-glucan and fatty acid complexes, phenolic, flavonoids, and Sesquiterpenoids and Velutin.

Enoki mushrooms benefits

  1. Helps in lowering the cholesterol level. Mainly decomposes the cholesterol present in the serum and liver.
  2. ╬▓-glucan and fatty acid complexes of this mushroom help in the absorption of fat thus reducing the weight of the body.
  3. Consumption of this mushroom also prevents constipation as it has polysaccharides  (glucan) which act as a probiotic.
  4. Another unique benefit of the enoki mushroom is that it is rich in selenium. This element selenium helps in the protection of cells from free radicals. Therefore detoxifies the body and other metabolic activities.
  5. Besides the above points, other health benefits of enoki mushrooms are an immune booster, keep the brain and gut healthy,y and are anti-inflammatory in nature.

Enoki mushrooms side effects

The enoki mushrooms are one of the largest consumed mushrooms in the world and are mainly marked as medicinal mushrooms and functional food. Therefore it is very important to examine or study its potentially harmful effects or side effects before consuming.

1. Mushroom poisoning

Enoki mushrooms may cause mushroom poisoning termed as Rhabdomyolysis or in other words striated muscle (1). Studies suggest enoki mushrooms help in lowering cholesterol. But consumption of enoki mushrooms also lowers the white blood cells and lymphocyte counts. therefore may cause myo and cardiotoxicity.

2. Hypersensitivity reactions

Persons who are having food allergies to eggs or other types of proteins should avoid eating enoki mushrooms and their dishes. As it may cause allergic reactions and ditching in oral cavity (2).

3. Anaphylaxis or allergic reactions

Enoki mushrooms can cause severe allergy or anaphylaxis due to enokitake allergens. Therefore persons having food allergies should take precautions before consuming any enoki mushroom dishes (3).

4. Lowers the blood sugar

All these above findings contribute to the basic understanding of the complex balance between the benefits and side effects of enoki mushroom consumption.

As we all know enoki mushrooms help in lowering the blood sugar level therefore excess consumption should be avoided by those who are having low sugar issues.

5. Listeria infections

Always consume fresh mushrooms and should check thoroughly if there is any decay or abnormalities. A recent food safety news published on May 31, 2021, by the News desk, stated that enoki mushroom packets of a certain brand get contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. These packets may not look rotten or smell bad but still, have the potential to cause serious and life-threatening infections. Listeria infections can induce vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, and headache.

Therefore it is always necessary to check the expiry date on the packets of the enoki or any other mushrooms before buying.

Again excess consumption of any superfood or functional food is never good for health. Therefore it is suggested that always eat this food in a balanced way.

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