How Many Calories in a Cucumber?

how many calories in a cucumber


The cucumber is one of the most versatile and easily accessible vegetables that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It can be eaten in various forms, including raw, in salads, soups, and sauces, and even in jam and juice. Thus making it a  convenient option for maintaining a healthy diet. In this article, we are going get accurate information about the nutritional value of cucumbers! Find out how many calories are in a cucumber & more about its benefits.

Benefits of Cucumber

It is considered a healthy food option as it helps in reducing the risk of several diseases. It can help lower cholesterol, hypertension, body weight, and the possibility of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes (1). Therefore, it is important to understand how many calories are in cucumber, as it can be a valuable component of a weight-loss diet.

Composition of Cucumber

They are mostly composed of water, with approximately 95% of their weight being water. As a result, the calorie content of cucumbers is relatively low, consisting of only 5% of their weight. This makes cucumbers an ideal option for those who want to reduce their calorie intake while maintaining a healthy diet.

In addition to their low-calorie content, cucumbers are also a good source of vitamin K and water-soluble minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese (2). These nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and nerves, and promoting optimal body function.

Furthermore, cucumbers contain secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, lignanes, and triterpenes. These compounds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and help to build a defense mechanism in the body, protecting it from various diseases.

In conclusion, cucumbers are an excellent option for those who want to maintain a healthy diet and reduce their calorie intake. They are available throughout the year and can be enjoyed in various forms. Cucumbers are rich in water-soluble vitamins and minerals, and their secondary metabolites provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping the body to build a defense mechanism against diseases (3).

Now let us calculate how many calories are in cucumber.

104 grams of cucumber (1 cup) contains 16 calories (with peel) and 15 calories (without peel) (4).

Therefore can easily calculate 

Nutritional value for cucumber (5)

Total calories are 16 in 104 grams of cucumber (with peel)

  • 5% comes from fat (0.12 g)
  • 80% from the carbohydrate of cucumber (3.78 g)
  • 14% comes from the protein part of the cucumber (0.68 g).

Another common serving size of cucumber is 

Serving size Calories
1 oz 4
½ cup 8
100 g (without peel) 15
1 cucumber (medium size) 45
1 lb 68

Simple recipes

1. Cucumber salad with vinegar and onion (6).

Cucumber salad

Can try cucumber salad with finely sliced onions and toss it with vinegar, pepper, and salt. Vinegar different types of vinegar can be used like rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or red wine vinegar depending upon the taste.

This is a good and easy option as this recipe is rich in vitamins, and minerals and low in calories. Can add tomato or parsley for further taste.

2. Cucumber with sprouts chaat

Cucumber sprouts chaat

This is a good Indian recipe and not only rich in nutrition but also a very tasty and mouth-watering dish.

Simply chop the cucumber (1 cup or ½ cup) into fine pieces and then added fine chopped tomato (¼ cup) and ½ cup or 1 cup sprouts plus salt and chaat masala for taste.

3. Cucumber sandwich

Cucumber sandwich

A simple cucumber sandwich is also a good option for a healthy breakfast or snack recipe. Can add cheese or tomato for further taste.