plum health benefits and side effetcs

Plums: Health benefits and Side effects

May 4, 2019 Dr. Sapna Baghel 0

Edited By Dr. Asha Jyoti Bharati Plums are juicy, drupe fruit that belongs to the subgenus Prunus (family Rosaceae). This fruit is mostly consumed in America, China, and Europe. Nowadays their demand is growing very fast because of their flavor and appearance (1). There are more than 2000 varieties of [Read More]

Amaranth benefits

Amaranth (Amaranthaceae): Health benefits

April 30, 2019 Dr. Sapna Baghel 0

Edited by Dr. Asha Jyoti Bharati Amaranthus of family Amaranthaceae is collectively known as amaranth. It is a gluten-free, highly nutritional pseudocereal. Amaranth is gaining popularity recently because of the studies done which describe its high nutritional value and agronomic potential. Amaranth was an important food crop in the Aztec, [Read More]

lentils health benefits

Lentil health benefits and Side effects

April 24, 2019 Dr. Sapna Baghel 0

Edited by Dr. Asha Jyoti bharati Lentil belongs to Lens culinaris species of Family Fabaceae or Papilionaceae. It is one of the ancient cultivated crops and is an excellent supplement to cereal-based diets. Lentil is rich in protein and is also cheaper than regular protein source. It contains twice the [Read More]